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Program starts from 8th October 2022

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    Program Eligibility

    Final year undergraduates / Graduates (in any discipline)
    Professionals (upto 10 years of experience)

    Program Fees

    EMI starts at
    ₹ 11,111/month
    Billed annually
    Program Fees - ₹ 1,99,999 (₹2,49,999)
    Flat 20% Off

    Program Structure

    1. Marketing Fundamentals 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Intro. to Marketing Foundation
      • What is Marketing & why do companies do Marketing
      • Understanding marketing role
      • Marketing Funnel
      • Marketing Strategies, marketing strategies (B2B vs B2C)
      • Consumer behavior
      • Marketing Plan
    2. Branding & Positioning Strategies 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Defining Brand & Understanding Branding
      • Brand Management concepts
      • Positioning the Brand & Strategies
      • Brand Loyalty
    3. Advertising & Promotions 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Basics of Advertising
      • Working with Advertising Partners
      • Advertising Media
      • Building an Advertising Campaign
      • Advertising for digital world
      • Practical practice of Advertising
    4. Final Assessment and assignment submission

    1. Intro. to Market Analysis 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Dimensions & methods
      • Actual and potential market size
      • Success keys & Risk factor
      • Components of Market Analysis
    2. Portfolio Analysis 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Introduction to Portfolio Analysis
      • The product life cycle (PLC)
      • BCG Matrix & MABA Analysis
      • Relationship between PLC & BCG matrix
    3. Competitive analysis 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Introduction to Competitive/Competitor analysis
      • Competitive analysis model
      • Analysing Competitors’ strategies
    4. Business environment 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Introduction to Business Environment
      • Characteristics & Importance of Business Environment
      • Relationship between an Organisation and its Environment
      • Environmental Influences on Business
      • Environmental Analysis & Scanning
      • Components of Business Environment
      • SWOT Analysis
    5. Market size 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Introduction to Market size
      • Market size estimation models
        (Top-Down Approach, Bottom- Approach, Demand Side Estimation, Supply Side Estimation)
    6. Market growth 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Market growth and reasons
      • Market growth rate and calculation
    7. Market trends 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Market terminology
      • Types of market trends
    8. Market segmentation 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Market segmentation and types
      • Common market segmentation mistakes
      • Implementation
    9. Going forward strategy 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Definition
      • Diversify, Market Development, Product Development, Market Penetration
    10. Final Assessment and assignment submission

    1. Digital Marketing Foundations 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Digital Marketing Framework
      • Website Fundamentals
      • Fundamentals of Google SERP Tool
      • Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
      • Basics of Search Engine Marketing paid Channels
      • Digital marketing with Social media
      • Email, video and image optimization
    2. Social Media Marketing 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • SMM strategies
      • Platforms on social media
      • Creating engaging content for social media
      • Marketing Tools: Social Media
      • Social Media Automation Tools
    3. Content Marketing 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Definition of Content Marketing
      • Types of Content, Media Based Content
      • Plagiarism free content
      • Keyword Research and Keyword Research Tools
      • Practical practice based on Content Marketing
    4. Final Assessment and assignment submission

    1. Social Media Marketing Strategies 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Building Content Strategy using Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
      • Paid Marketing on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube
      • Measuring ROI of Social Media Marketing
      • SEO Link Building
    2. Paid Marketing Fundamentals & Web Analytics 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Google Ads Essential
      • PPC Model, Impressions and CTA, CPM, CPI Models
      • SEO Marketing Tools
      • CRO Conversion Ratio Optimization
      • Web analytics – Using Google Analytics
    3. Retention Marketing & Building Loyal Customers’ base 1 week • 1.5 hours

      • Definition of Retention Marketing
      • Creating Customer Retention Funnel
      • Understanding Consumer Behaviour
      • Best practices for building Loyal Customers
      • Benefits of Loyal customers and how to monetise it?
    4. Final Assessment and assignment submission

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    Expertrons Advanced Certification Programs get even better for the candidates as they can also avail a Live Learning Experience at the E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati Campus post completion of their certification.
    This visit will include:

    Program Fees

    EMI starts at
    ₹ 11,111 /month
    Billed annually
    Program Fees - ₹ 1,99,999 (₹2,49,999)
    Flat 20% Off

    Program Eligibility

    Final year Undergraduates/Graduates
    (in any discipline)
    (up to 5 years of experience)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The total duration of the program is 24 weeks. 

    The program is divided into four modules. These modules will sum up to a duration of 64 hours which will be spread over 24 weeks.

    Yes. E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati is one of the most respected educational institutions in India. A certificate from E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati along with Expertrons is certainly valuable in the job market. It will differentiate the learner from other candidates.

    There are two options to pay the fees – upfront payment of full fees or no cost EMI

    The program is most beneficial for Final year undergraduates, graduates and professionals with upto 10 years of experience.

    The registration fee for this program is only ₹4,999. Learners’ seats for the program will be booked as soon as they proceed with the payment of the registration fee.

    The program is a hybrid of live sessions & recorded sessions.

    Book yours at just ₹4,999/-